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how do teens “feed” their brains?

Following my last blog, I thought about creating a separate post that highlights the psychological development of teens. This period of development is often dubbed as the “adolescent storm”, and teens’ feelings and emotions are attributed to “raging hormones”. What’s often overlooked is the critical development process that goes on throughout this period. According toContinue reading “how do teens “feed” their brains?”

here i am

I’ve been gone for a while (okay, for more than a year) and I’ve definitely missed making infographics and sharing psycho-education nuggets. In the year off, I studied for 2 of the most important exams in my career — the psychiatry boards. All the hard work paid off and last January 2022, I was conferredContinue reading “here i am”

milestones pt. 3

For my last entry for this month, I’d like to share how my lecture series came full circle. I ventured out 2 years ago to lecture about mental health to high school kids. This year, I was invited again to give another lecture to senior high students from the same school. This time, I knewContinue reading “milestones pt. 3”

milestones pt. 1

In a previous blog post, I described how I was extremely shy and self-doubting. I was always the student who lacked oral participation. I refused to speak up even if my grades depended on it. In 2018, I was invited to give a talk to high school students (at a posh private school) about theContinue reading “milestones pt. 1”

the problem with sleep

Let me tell you something about sleep One of the most common complaints I get is “difficulty sleeping”. Insomnia is one of the most common presenting symptoms in psychiatry, and is present in almost all mental disorders. Not only that, stress and excitement with ordinary life events can also rob us of a few Z’s.Continue reading “the problem with sleep”

suicide is preventable

YOU can make a difference. WARNING: This post may contain material that is sensitive. This post is for psycho-education purposes only, and is intended for lay-persons. Suicide prevention strategies are not included in the scope of this blog post, but websites for reference are mentioned. If you or someone you know is in crisis, contactContinue reading “suicide is preventable”


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