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how do teens “feed” their brains?

Following my last blog, I thought about creating a separate post that highlights the psychological development of teens. This period of development is often dubbed as the “adolescent storm”, and teens’ feelings and emotions are attributed to “raging hormones”. What’s often overlooked is the critical development process that goes on throughout this period. According toContinue reading “how do teens “feed” their brains?”


fostering JOY by understanding the teen brain

Ever wonder what makes a teen’s brain different? Why are teens so strongly opinionated and emotional? Are mood swings caused by raging hormones, or is there something else going on in their brain? Last December, I gave a talk for the Jesus Centered Life (JCL) 2021 Online Conference on “Fostering Joy by Understanding the TeenContinue reading “fostering JOY by understanding the teen brain”

depression is not just a feeling

Yes, you read that correctly. Depression is NOT just a feeling. Depression has many causes. And sure, a lot of those are related to internal struggles or external loss. But what is often overlooked is that depression has a biological cause, too. Depression is more than just feeling sad. We can feel sad about aContinue reading “depression is not just a feeling”

the problem with sleep

Let me tell you something about sleep One of the most common complaints I get is “difficulty sleeping”. Insomnia is one of the most common presenting symptoms in psychiatry, and is present in almost all mental disorders. Not only that, stress and excitement with ordinary life events can also rob us of a few Z’s.Continue reading “the problem with sleep”

10 things you can do on world mental health day (10.10.20)

Let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day! Wondering what you can do today to practice mental wellness? All of us can take part in advocating mental health today. May we do it for ourselves, a loved one, or the community. Here are 10 things you can do on World Mental Health Day: You can practice anyContinue reading “10 things you can do on world mental health day (10.10.20)”

suicide is preventable

YOU can make a difference. WARNING: This post may contain material that is sensitive. This post is for psycho-education purposes only, and is intended for lay-persons. Suicide prevention strategies are not included in the scope of this blog post, but websites for reference are mentioned. If you or someone you know is in crisis, contactContinue reading “suicide is preventable”

mental tele-health and online psychosocial support

There can be times when we feel alone and isolated. More so now that physical distancing hampers our sense of social connectedness. Sometimes, we need someone to talk to, to make us to feel better. But sometimes, we may be hesitant to reach out to our friends and family. We may be afraid to shareContinue reading “mental tele-health and online psychosocial support”