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milestones pt. 3

For my last entry for this month, I’d like to share how my lecture series came full circle. I ventured out 2 years ago to lecture about mental health to high school kids. This year, I was invited again to give another lecture to senior high students from the same school.

This time, I knew what I was going to do. This time, I came prepared with 8 months of teaching experience under my belt.

Side story: back in January, I was recruited to teach Psychiatry in one of the medical schools in our city. At that time, I was set on saying “no” because (guess what), I thought I couldn’t do it. Well, life always has its way of dropping the worst challenges at the worst times, only for them to turn out to be one of the best experiences ever. I took the job.

Certainly, teaching a class of 100-200 students was nothing that I “ever dreamed of”. Never in my career did I ever consider teaching, more so, teaching 200 students 2-3 times a week. But.. never have I found so much joy. I was happy. I was content. I felt passionate teaching these students (most of whom do not speak good english).

I found that I could relate to the students, empathize with them, and encourage them to take more interest in Psychiatry. Fast forward to mid-pandemic, where classes were moved online. I am still affiliated with the school, and I still find joy in teaching these kids. Even if none of their webcams are on. Hahah.

So, back to my 2nd lecture stint at this posh private school.

This time, I felt more confident. The topic assigned was one that I’ve lectured many many times before. And fortunately, I’ve learned how to make it more interesting.

Here’s the title slide to my lecture, “The Process and Pitfalls of Making a Psychiatric Diagnosis”. And, there I am, in my favorite yellow pandemic blouse. Of course, I couldn’t wear my confidence-boosting seminar shoes, so, department store pearls had to do. LOL

Title slide for my lecture on Psychiatric Diagnosis (September 2020)

This lecture was quite special because it was my first outside of an affiliated institution after graduating residency. (Thanks again for this opportunity, Niña)

It was also my first time flashing my credentials. I’ve always wondered how that would make me feel. I thought I’d feel too boastful or proud. On the contrary, it made me feel inspired. I felt inspired to learn more and achieve more, so that I can teach more.

What a wonderful feeling.

The lecture went great, by the way. Even if I was technically speaking to a class of 2. They made me this collage, which I love so much!

Awesome collage done by the instructors at the school

I feel so honored that many of you read my posts. It warms my heart whenever someone says they “learned a lot” from my blog. I’m happy that I’m able to communicate with you through this channel. And I’m happy that you appreciate me as well.

I started this blog with no readers in mind. It was merely a platform to direct my patients to, whenever they’d need psycho-education. Funnily, that never happened, as I had to curate the psycho-education to each patient.

So, I dared myself to post again on Facebook. Something that I haven’t done in a long time. I held my breath after I posted “8 Mental Health Tips in Quarantine“. I was even afraid someone would criticize it, and tell me those tips weren’t ‘scientifically based’. But, hello, what has science have to say about this pandemic anyway. Every bit of it is still a mystery.

So, I told myself I’d be happy if it got 1 like or 1 share. The numbers didn’t matter, as long as it would reach the people who needed it the most. Lo and behold, it was one of my most ‘popular’ posts on Facebook. And, it inspired me to continue posting more.

Thank you to all who appreciated my psycho-education nuggets. Thank you to those who have been following me. Thank you for sending over the kindest words. I’ll do my best to continue bringing you good mental health content.

Looking forward to a fruitful 2021.

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